Artist Statement

In my practice I focus upon my continued interest in memory. Memory is at once the most deeply personal and private aspect of any experience and simultaneously the means by which we extend ourselves beyond our own mental boundaries. By remembering and recollecting we evidence our very existence and form an idea of our self, and a sense of identity.

Yet unlike a 'video-tape' version of life, memories are fluid, constructed and reconstructed as part of our day-to-day experience, and it is in these fluid personal memories that I find rich ground.  Drawing upon materials and objects resonant of memory and time, I create imagery inspired by  childhood memories, and enter a visual dialogue about the complex and shifting nature of identity.

Old and once-treasured objects are scavenged, and my family's precious photos are unearthed.  Things and images of the past are resuscitated and filled with new life.  These altered obliterated and re-constructed materials and images are influenced by Post modern notions of de-constructing the idea of any singular 'fixed' reality, and talk of the shifting nature of memory and identity through forgetting.